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Screen Rooms: What’s in a Screen?
Posted on Aug 18, 2016 by Maryland Sunrooms

In the Market for a Screen Room or Patio Enclosure? You may not realize now, but not all screens are created equal!

So Maryland Sunrooms Asks: What’s in a Screen?”

Which Screen Material is better for your project?

You would think it’s obvious when building a three season room, screen room or patio enclosure how important the actual screen material is for the project, but you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked by the homeowner.

Maryland Sunrooms Explores ALL the options!

There are three general types of screen materials on the market.

Aluminum, Vinyl and Fiberglass – Lets take a moment and explore these three most popular options…

1st is Aluminum and is a manufactured into a weave then spray painted with enamel paint.  It looks great, but can be subject to dings and paint scraping off with weather, handling and age.

Aluminum Screen Thumbnail Aluminum Screen Example

2nd is Vinyl and is manufactured with polyvinyl plastics with perforations that are pinhole size. It installs easy and looks great, but there are some downfalls to consider. Vinyl is more susceptible to the suns UV rays, heating up the material. Combined with the sun, wind and other weather elements, it can eventually stretch and sag.

Vinyl Screen Thumbnail Vinyl Screen Example

3rd is Fiberglass and is manufactured by weaving black glass fibers. It is the most popular choice due to its resistance to UV rays, and stretching. This option is less likely to lose its shape or have a distorted view when enjoying your room.

Fiberglass Screen ThumbnailFiberglass Screen Example

Each Four Season Sunroom, Three Season room, Screen room and Patio Enclosure project is as unique as the homeowner who enjoys it! We recommend you research your project and materials that will be used, ensuring your finished space is exactly what you dreamed it would be!

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